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Brace Yourself for a Beautiful Smile from OrthoTime

At the American Fork, UT orthodontics practice of Dr. Jeremy Watson, we specialize in creating beautiful, healthy, straight smiles for young children and teens. We can do this with orthodontic braces.

Metal Self-Ligating Braces for Children

We recommend using metal self-ligating Damon Braces for children and young teens. Self-ligating Braces have the advantage of shorter treatment times, which is always a plus for both the children and parents. This tried and true method of orthodontic adjustment works best for chidren because they allow for better oral hygiene habits during the treatment period.

Damon Braces System Clear Braces

We give older teens the option of using the self-ligating Damon Braces System clear braces. The Damon Braces System clear braces combine the advantages of metal braces with the technology and virtual invisibility of clear braces.

What are self-ligating braces and how do they work?

Traditional style braces require elastics to hold arch wires in place. Those elastics are wrapped around each bracket and cause pressure and friction as the teeth are trying to move. This results in longer treatment time and less comfortability. Damon System Braces are a self-ligating brand that we commonly use. They hold the wire in place by a sliding gate that clips over the wire instead of an elastic band. This allows the wire to slide between the brackets and lets the teeth move and align smoothly without as much pressure and pain.